How to Align the Headlight Angle of a 2009-2014 Ford F-150

Ever found yourself driving at night with headlights that seemed more like scattered fireflies than focused beams? I sure did until I discovered the magic of properly aligned headlamps. It’s a simple DIY job that can make your headlights feel twice as bright.

Ensuring your F-150’s headlamps are perfectly aligned not only enhances your own visibility but also prevents rudely blinding fellow drivers. If you’ve seen oncoming drivers flashing their brights at you, it’s possible you were blinding them with one askew headlight. Oops!

Let’s dive into this comprehensive headlight adjustment guide for the 12th generation (2009-2014) Ford F-150:


Phillips screwdriver
Masking tape or chalk
Measuring tape at least 25 feet long
A friend to help check alignment

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1. Select a Test Surface

Find a flat, vertical surface like a garage door or wall without windows. This will be your alignment testing area. The wall should be about 25-30 feet from where the front of the truck will be positioned.

Note: this job is easier at night or in low light so you can see the beam of your headlight better.

2. Mark a Reference Line on the Wall

  1. Measure from the ground up to the center of the headlamp on the driver’s side. This is typically around 24-28 inches high.
  2. Use masking tape or chalk to mark a horizontal line on the wall at the same height you measured. This is your reference line.

3. Position and Power-on

Turn on the low beam headlamps so they shine on the wall. Have your friend temporarily cover the passenger side headlamp with an opaque object like cardboard. This makes it easier to focus on adjusting one headlamp at a time.

If the top of your light beam meets reference line you’re good to go! If not, it’s time to adjust the vertical alignment.

4. Adjust the Headlamp Screw

The vertical headlight adjustment slot on the driver’s side of an F-150
  1. Open the hood and locate the vertical adjuster screw on the headlamp.
  2. Using the Phillips screwdriver, turn the adjuster slowly either clockwise or counter-clockwise to aim the headlamp beam.
  3. The top of the light pattern should match the reference line.

Repeat this process for the second headlight and your truck should now have aligned headlights!

And there you have it, the illuminating saga of aligning your Ford F-150’s headlights. You’re now the enlightened champ who won’t accidentally signal aliens with misaligned beams!

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